Finding timber in Europe

Finding timber in the Alps. A few weeks ago, we had our managing director, Thomas Marktl, travel to the beautiful Alps of Austria to go on a journey to search for the highest quality of timber to bring back down to South Africa. On his journey he took his Son, Loic Marktl, who is a qualified Carpenter just like his father. This means that they are masters in understanding how to work with Timber, therefore are the best to select the best timber for our customers.

The journey started in Austria and ended up in Germany’s famous “schwartzwald” which translated means “Black Forest’. The Black Forest is a magnificent mountainous region in Southwest Germany, just bordering France. The Black Forest is famous because of its dense and evergreen forests which provide timber specialists with the best quality of timber. The main tree species that grow in the Black Forest are; Beech, Oak, Elm, Pine and Fir. This forest is a beautiful natural growing forest that is heavily controlled by Nature conservationists, which makes all the timber that is cut down, sustainable.

Situated close to the Black Forest in the Alps there is a beautiful German company. The company has a mill yard where they deliver trees from the Black Forest and cut them to boules, planks or logs and store them for their customers. The company has specialists that ensure their trees are of best quality and are sustainable

Thomas Marktl spent hours immersing himself in the company to learn everything there is to know about who they are and what species of timber they have in stock. He was shown the company’s yard by the manager and saw incredible Oak and Fir boules and planks.

After a few hours, he found exactly what he was looking for; 50mm and 80mm thick Fir. He hand-selected the bundle and is very happy to bring it back down to South Africa and supply it to his clients. ITM Timber Merchants priority is to ensure that the customers are happy and by doing this we trust they will be. ITM is proud to tell their customers that the owner himself many times selects the timber personally for the customers.

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