Our story

Have you ever wondered how ITM Timber Merchants started? Well, it started by Thomas Marktl many years back when he first moved to South Africa in 1982 to start a complete new journey out of Austria. He moved to South Africa because he fell in love with it in 1979 when he first travelled to the beautiful country. Shortly after his move he started a small carpentry business which allowed him to build a few kitchens for clients around the Western Cape.

This business was successful but he closed it down to start a new business which involved supplying timber to companies around the Western Cape. He started off by driving around in his Bakkie selling timber door to door and found an incredible passion for this. A few years later on in 1989 he bought his first warehouse and started importing timber.

After a few years, he had a few employees who ended up disappointing him and were not suitable for the business but then in the year 2000, Adrian Daniel and Muggie Rossouw started and helped grow his business. A few years later Danielle Van Schalkwyk joined and played a big role in the ever growing ITM Timber Merchants. Furthermore, in 2012 Juan Van Loggerenberg joined and a year later Adeline Smith and Andy De Bruin. The latest member of the team is Nathan Moses and eventually the team was complete.

At the company, there are 8 warehouse employees who work to organise the timber for delivery to our clients every day and work hard to deliver on time. Without the team today, the company would not be successful because everyone plays a vital role. The company is like a machine if one part of the machine does not work, well then, the whole machine won’t work.


ITM Timber Merchants has recently compiled a list of goals that reflect straight from the company name “ITM” which are as follows; influential, transparent and meticulous. We want to influence the market with regards to what the best products we have to offer are, we want to always ensure we are as transparent as possible towards our customers and we thrive to be meticulous to ensure attention to detail constantly.

The values that best describe the company and the employees are; efficiency, customers care, accountability, professionalism and cooperation. All of this helps to create the company culture and ensure the employees adhere to this.

ITM is known for bringing in new products that are unique from the South African market and will continue doing this as this allows for competitive advantage.

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