American White Oak – MAY 2019

The White Oak we stock and supply to our loyal customers is grown in both the Glacial and Appalachian regions.
The White Oak gets shipped all the way from Tacoma Washington in USA, to Cape Town in South Africa.
We sell White Oak timber on a daily basis – meaning that it’s one of the most popular timbers in our warehouses and will always be available.

White Oak is very valuable to manufacturers as an important source of wood for the making of – furniture, veneering, panelling and flooring. White Oak is also used to make railroad ties, fence posts, mine timbers, ships, caskets and whiskey and wine barrels.

White Oak has strong, economical and rot-resistant characteristics.
The colouring in white oak varies from dark brown to light brown, or brown with yellow tones. Stains and wood sealers tend to beautifully enhance the appearance of White Oak.