A unique panel called…BauBuche – JUNE 2020

Baubuche is a unique laminated beech veneer panel made in Austria and imported by us.
Baubuche panels are produced in a economical process by the company, Pollmeier.
It is peeled veneer layers of 3mm in thickness and is cross- or parallel-laminated and turned into beautiful panels.
Beech as a solid timber, is already very strong and solid, therefore, the panels are of exceptional high strength.
Additionally, the panels are:
– Extremely versatile
– High load-bearing capacity combined with slim dimensions
– Suitable for large spans
– Exceptional surface quality
– Locally sourced raw material

These unique beech panels have been used for many interior designs, for example: Chairs, office desks, home office, counter t ops for bedrooms, school desks, kitchen cupboards and more.