Softwood is referring to the wood harvested from a coniferous or evergreen tree. The softwood is usually a wood of gymnosperms and comes from evergreen and coniferous trees, such as our , western red cedar or spruce, which often propagate using cones and nuts. Trees classified as softwoods have needle-like or scale-like leaves that, with a few exceptions, remain on the tree throughout the year. Botanically, they are known as gymnosperms, and instead of carrying seeds from flowers, gymnosperms revealed seeds in cones. Softwood is used as a building material. Softwood is used in many woodworking projects because it is usually sturdy and easy to work with.

Hardwoods usually have broad leaves and often have a darker wood colour. It usually has a higher density and thicker cell walls than softwoods. The hardwood comes from angiosperms, such as walnut or maple. The angiosperms are presenting about 80 percent of the known green plants that are living now and produce seeds with some sort of covering such as a shell or a fruit. Our hardwood includes; Meranti, white oak, jatoba, mahogany and more!