Cutting-edge Technology in the Timber World

Cutting-edge technology is increasing New technologies and systems are transforming the traditional job of carpenters, replacing their tools and processes with innovative machinery and assembly methods. CNC Machines, for example, allow beams and panels to be machined, in addition to generating custom components. They are operated by computational commands and allow the cutting, milling, and engraving of pieces of wood with a high level of precision through coordinate axes. These parts, then, can more effectively be joined through structural connectors, anchors, and fixing systems

The speed and efficiency of construction with prefabricated and modular parts of precise dimensions have been enhanced by the emergence (or evolution) of mass timber. Among the most used include Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT), Glued-Laminated Timber (Glulam), Nail-Laminated Timber (NLT), and Dowel Laminated Timber (DLT) systems, as well as other interesting innovations such as Timber-Concrete Composite (TCC) and LVL Panels. All these advances make it possible to assemble buildings like a kit of parts, easily and quickly, increasing accuracy and dramatically reducing errors, labor, work time, and extra costs.