Tongue and groove means that each timber piece has a protruding tongue side and a receiving groove side, it runs along the entire piece of timber and one all four sides. One tongue fits perfectly into the groove of its pair. This allows for a much quicker installation period and this is a very good quality, since wood flooring will expand and contract.

  • 12.5 x 96 x 4.0m (Tongue & Groove) Spruce Shiplap
  • 19 x 146 x 4.0m (Tongue & Groove) Spruce
  • 24 x 146 x 4.0m (Tongue & Groove) Larch
  • 24 x 115 x 4.0m (Tongue & Groove)Larch Shiplap
  • Spruce Tongue & Groove

    Spruce Tongue & Groove

    Larch Tongue & Groove

    Spruce Tongue and groove

    Larch Tongue & Groove