The solid timber that we import from North America mainly comes from the Glacial region and the Appalachian region. The glacial region is a very cold area in North America where the trees grow slow with tight growth rings, consistent colour and excellent texture. The Appalachian region is a four-season climate which contributes to hardwood with good colour and texture, the weather in this region is cold but not as ice cold as the Glacial region.

  • Ash White Prime 25mm
  • Ash White Prime 38mm
  • Ash White Prime 50mm
  • Basswood 25mm
  • Basswood 38mm
  • Basswood 50mm
  • Cherry Prime 25mm
  • Cherry Prime 38mm
  • Cherry Prime 50mm
  • Hard Maple Prime (selected f. colour) 25mm
  • Hard Maple Prime (selected f. colour) 38mm
  • Hard Maple Prime (selected f. colour) 50mm
  • Walnut Steamed Prime 25mm
  • Walnut Steamed Prime 38mm
  • Walnut Steamed Prime 50mm
  • White Oak Prime 25mm
  • White Oak Prime 38mm
  • White Oak Prime 50mm
  • White Oak Comsels oak 25mm
  • White Oak Comsels 38mm/50mm
  • White Oak Comsels¬†2¬†38mm/ 50mm

North American Softwoods

  • Western Red Cedar 25mm, 38mm, 50mm
  • Tulipwood (Yellow Poplar) 25mm, 38mm, 50mm, 78mm