Organoid Decorative Coatings are characterised by their naturalness and authenticity. They allow a new experience of natural raw materials through all the senses.

The products are made in a factory in Tyrol, Austria and are manufactured in an ecological and sustainable way. The products are made with 100% green electricity and the end products are free of biocides, plasticizers and solvents.
This unique appearance of each product has a genuine scent that is strong and beautiful, it is like smelling the real ingredient.

The coatings are for interior use only and are placed on boards of your choice. Contact us for more information on Organoid.


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Alpine Hay

Skeletton giant leaves

Jasmine Blossoms

Lemongrass and lemon

Lavender stalks and blossom

Coffee powder

Peppermint Stalks

Wool Tyrolean sheep

Cocoa Husks

Cornflower Blossom

Moss coloured green

Alpine Hay with Lavender

Rose Petals and Buds

Bark Ground

Alpine Hay and Vanilla

Alpine Hay with Rose Petals

Vanilla Pods

Alpine Hay with marguerites

Beard Lichen with bark

Birch Leaves

Blossoms pink

Sunflower seed husks

Spelt Husks

Larkspur blossoms